Empowering the people who power machines

Auredia leverages your dedicated workforce with AI solutions to improve manufacturing profitability.

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Augmenting operator performance.



Reducing manufacturing costs.



Intelligence augmentation, (IA)

Maximize your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

  • Availability: Are machines ready on demand?
  • Performance: Is the manufacturing process running as fast as possible?
  • Quality: Are the machines yielding good products?

Increase your profitability, reduce your operational manufacturing costs

Plant managers struggle to compete in this hyper-competitive and capital constrained marketplace. Auredia expands the narrow profit margins of manufacturing by optimizing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) through easy-to-adopt, deep-learning AI software enabling plant managers to close the gap between a motivated and highly skilled workforce.

How Auredia empowers operators

People are the backbone of your company, which is why we elevate each and every operator to be your best operator.

By magnifying the role of IA, or Intelligence Augmentation, Auredia dignifies and solidifies the role of people in achieving the highest overall equipment effectiveness in manufacturing. Insights gained from our machine-learning solution enable operators to accomplish the best in availability, performance and quality.

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How does Auredia work?

We first connect all of the machines in your manufacturing facility to a secure network, installing a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and edge device on each machine.

Auredia uses AI, including reinforcement-learning algorithms, to train your machines based on historical data collected from a network of similar machines. Your machines learn the habits to increase OEE.

With our deep-learning and data analytics solution, operators acquire performance insights and learn to work more effectively.

Auredia provides preventive and predictive maintenance analytics made possible by the growing network of machine data. We collect granular data on component failures and on repaired and replaced equipment.

Easy to adopt

Manufacturers do not have time to be idle. Auredia provides a simple interface that’s easily understood and adopted by end users. Our typical set up and onboarding period takes less than 24 hours.

Secure connections

All collected data are securely stored and managed on distributed ledger technology, giving you confidence that your data will never be compromised. You can also use local network infrastructure or edge devices for secure data transfer.

Competitive pricing

Auredia is not restricted to companies with piles of cash to spend on consultants, proof of concepts, and prototypes.

Our vision

To champion and reignite the manufacturing workforce by creating and retaining manufacturing jobs

Our purpose

We recognize that people are integral to the vitality and competitive advantage of any manufacturing operation.

We desire to spark a powerful movement in manufacturing facilities evolved from the vigor, grit, and ingenuity of early industrialists. Like these makers of the past, we see an existing and emerging workforce embarking on a journey in continuous improvement.

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Auredia is AI software and analytics for empowering plant managers and machine operators. Please complete the form below, and we will connect with you promptly to learn more about your unique challenges and explore solutions together.

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